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Port Atheni, Meganisi

Yacht Freedom loves nothing more than idle exploration around the beautiful Ionian.

Meganisi is a popular island in the middle of it all and can be busy with loads of boats in the high season.  But quieter spots can be found and there’s always anchoring space in Port Atheni.  Last time we were there, we went to the café up the hill, and were the only people there – enjoying a delicious supper with a superb view.


The history of this place is pretty special, too.  It can be traced back to ancient Greece. The port was once known as Port Artemis, after the Greek goddess of the hunt. It was a popular stop for ships traveling between mainland Greece and the Ionian Islands.

In the 5th century BC, Port Atheni was the site of a battle between the Athenian and Spartan fleets. The Athenians were victorious, and Port Atheni became an important Athenian naval base.

After the fall of the Athenian Empire, Port Atheni remained an important port for trade and commerce. It was also a popular destination for pilgrims, who came to visit the nearby temple of Artemis.

In the Middle Ages, Port Atheni was controlled by the Byzantine Empire. The port was used as a base for Byzantine ships, and was also a center for trade and commerce.

In the 15th century, Port Atheni was captured by the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans used the port as a base for their warships, and also as a center for trade and commerce.



PortAtheni Meganisi 1

In the 19th century, Port Atheni was liberated from Ottoman rule. The port became a popular destination for Greek tourists, and is now a major tourist destination.

Now it seems a quiet backwater – odd to think it has such an important and remarkable history.  Join us on @yacht.freedom as we explore the Ionian!

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